Free Testing

Register and receive $20.00 (13 render points) in free render credit that can be used for testing. There are no restrictions on the testing, and you can use any of the job type options. No credit card needed. We recommend that you test frames through the scene to ensure that your final render will render properly.


Supported Application

Rendercore Lab Supports Popular 3D Software, Renderers and Plugins.

Supported Software CPU
Autodesk 3ds Max
  • V-Ray Advanced
  • Mental Ray
  • Scanline
  • ART Renderer
  • Arnold
Autodesk Maya
  • V-Ray Advanced
  • Mental Ray
  • Arnold
  • maya file
  • maya software
  • maya vector
  • TURTLE frame renderer
Maxon Cinema 4D
  • V-Ray
  • Physical Renderer
  • Cycles 4D
  • Arnold
Newtek Lightwave 3D
  • Standard Renderer
Luxology Modo
  • Standard Renderer
  • default renderer
Standalone Software
  • V-Ray Advanced

Free Trial

New user will be adding a $20 worth of 13 point after register.


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