Cinema 4D Lanchpad Plug-in Submission Manual

April 15, 2019 02:53 PM

Step-by-Step Instructions

Sign Up

Click here to register for an account. We will email you an activation request to complete your registration.

Once you have completed your registration log in to the website and go to the File Browser tab to upload your files.

Download Plug-In

Download and click Install.

Windows | MacOS

Once, you have logged using the username an password you used to create your account, go to the Plug-In tab to install your plug-in.


Firewall Settings

If when you click the Seamless plug-in and the submission window does not open it could be your firewall settings.

Allow the following url and ports.

Ports: 80,443

How to Prep Your Scene

File-You can set any path, we will override the path on our end.

Format- We don't support .avi or .mov format, we only export image sequences. For example, jpg, png, tga, etc.

If your scenes has several render settings, please ensure that you select the correct target icon for the render settings that you will need to render.


Multi Pass Image Render Settings

Uncheck the Multi-Layer File option before uploading your scene. If you require a Multi-Layered OpenEXR file, please leave the option enabled.


Frame Rate

The frame rate and the FPS need to be same in your scene in order for you scene to render properly. If not your scene will render the incorrect frame range.

In your C4D interface. Select Edit-Projects Settings.


Go to your render settings and under the Output tab change the frame rate.


NOTE: Please verify before sending the scene that you have saved it with all the correct parameters. It is your responsibility to provide the scene with every parameter correctly set. Do not use accentuated/non-alpha numeric characters, apostrophes, and foreign characters in the file names of your project (scene, textures, objects, output bitmaps etc.). You can use the “_” underscore instead. Please always specify individual frames rendering for animation output (.bmp, .tga, .jpg). If you need an .avi or .mov file, then please email us at

Uploading & Submitting

Once, you are ready to submit. In Cinema 4D go to the Plugins Tab, then scroll down to Render with Seamless.


Upload Only - Once your files have been prepped, check Upload Only and click the render button to upload your files. To submit just simply un-check the option.

Job Type- The High priority option will have with times from 1-15 min and will render before the all other options jobs. Our Low priority option can have wait times from a few hours to 3-5 days. Also, you can change your option at any time. View our Pricing Page for detailed information on the options provided.

By Frame- options allows you to select every frame or every other frame. For example, every 2, or 10 frame.

Frame grouping- This option is primarily beneficial for renderings that take less than 5 minutes per frame, by cutting down on the loading time. If your frame takes about 1-5 minutes average rendering time, you should apply a frame grouping of 10.


Job Management

Job List

You can freely manage your jobs, through the Job List.

Job Type- You can change your job type while your job is rendering.

Job Type

Remove Job- You can clear out your job list my moving the to the remove job tab.

Job Priority- This option allows you to change the job priority of your submitted jobs only.

Resubmit Option- The resubmit option will store all your previous job settings, so all you would need to change is the job name, scene and frame range. Just select the previous job and select the resubmit button.

If you don't see the Resubmit button, you can also locate the button under the Job Option Icon. Just scroll down to the resubmit option.

job option

Date Search- If you rendered your files over a week ago, then you will need to change the date and click update to pull up your jobs. Or click the Search Option button.

Memo- If you want to report a problem with your job you can send our team a memo. Once we replied the envelope will turn red.

Point- If you want to keep track of how many points your using check the point column. Each point is $1.50.

Re-Download If your using the Seamless Plug-in and you don't see your completed frames downloading, click the Re-Download button.


Task List

Every job is broken up into smaller tasks and each is dispatched to an available render node. To view the task list for a specific job just select the job name.

Option- If some of your frames are failing, or were taking longer than expected. You can select the frames and chose to kill or reque them. Once, you reque the frames, the frames will start to re-render. Also, the previous render time will be removed.

More- If there are failed frames please view the log files for missing textures or an error in the scene. Or If your having a problem with a specific render node, you can black list the node from your account.


Downloading Instructions

Launch the Seamless plug-in. The frames will automatically download your rendered to your desktop.

Save Directory - Click the orange button to change your destination path.

Refresh Transfer List - You will be able to set the amount of files that you wanted transferred.

Download Folder - Select the green button to open the folder with your downloaded frames.


If you don't see your frames in your donwload folder, go to the Transfer tab and click the


You are free to delete you files at anytime. We do reserve the right to manage any files that are being stored on our systems. We delete your files from your account after 7 days from the last render.

If you need to keep the files up for a future render; then please email us a, we would be happy to store your files in your account.

Delivery Options

Rendercore also provides free fire-wire transfer service during office hours Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM Pacific Time.

Any drop off or pick scheduled after hours would be billed as after hour tech support ($75.00 USD/Hr).

Simply drop off or mail us a fire-wire drive, we will then transfer your data to your drive. Preferably a PC formatted drive. Please email us at to set up a date and time for a drop off.