Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.00.20 for Maya!

September 21, 2020 01:58 AM

Rendercore Lab Now Support V-RAY 5.00.20 for Maya!

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Bug fixes


  • Fixed slower render when started by clicking the VFB "render last" icon
  • Fixed wrong bounding boxes on VRayScene preview
  • Fixed new hair material not being affected when AcesCG color space is selected
  • OSX: Fixed Installer failing to remove firewall exception
  • Fixed artifacts with the adaptive dome light in the attached scene
  • Fixed wrong object translations with flipAxis enabled in the VRayMesh preview
  • Fixed very high memory usage when playing with VFB color corrections and the vfbControl command
  • Fixed wrong VRaySun viewport preview when parent transform is scaled
  • Fixed fatal error when rendering a refractive material in a specific scene
  • Fixed OSL shader not taking into account the connected multiplyDivide node
  • Fixed importing plugin object parameters for VRayPluginNode not working
  • Fixed skipExistingFrame breaking the dome light texture when the first frame exists
  • Fixed having V-Ray AppSDK installed prevents python in V-Ray for Maya working
  • Fixed rendering hair ignoring per vertex map channels
  • Fixed using uninverted normal bump option resulting in strange/wrong rendering
  • Fixed error for swatches of file textures with filenames containing tags
  • Allow longer names of render elements when saving in a .vrimg file from the VFB
  • Fixed user attribute syntax with spaces around attribute name not working
  • Fixed segmentation fault with alembic file on Linux
  • Fixed instanced hair crashing when using VRayHairMtl
  • Fixed error on importing vrscene with vrscene in geometry mode inside
  • Fixed the Locator scale parameter not working on sphere and rectangular V-Ray lights in Viewport 2.0
  • Fixed V-Ray could crash if reading maximum memory snapshot after plugins have been unloaded


  • Fixed SSS not computed for VRayALSurface materials seen through glossy refraction


  • Fixed crash with Lens Effects and IPR set to interactive update


  • Fixed VRayBerconNoise Color1 and Color2 missing in Lookdev Hypershade template
  • Fixed Bercon Noise rendering differently in Maya 2015, 2016, 2016.5 and 2017


  • Fixed crash with Maya's Evaluation Cache when changing VRayMesh preview type


  • Fixed VRayMultiSubTex not looping through texture ids correctly

V-Ray GPU/VRayBlendMtl

  • Fixed random incorrect render of VRayBlendMtl with submaterials with bitmaps

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