Rendercore Lab Now Supports Arnold 3.1.1 for Cinema 4D!

September 21, 2020 01:48 AM

Rendercore Lab Now Support Arnold 3.1.1 for Cinema 4D!

C4DtoA 3.1.1 is a minor feature release, that uses Arnold

This release introduces support for the new Scene Node graph (Neutron) in Cinema 4D R23.

Compatible Cinema 4D Versions

*Cinema 4D R20.057 and above *Cinema 4D R21.026 and above *Cinema 4D S22.016 and above *Cinema 4D R23.008 and above


Support for Scene Node graph (Neutron) in Cinema 4D R23: The Neutron Scene Node graph introduced in Cinema 4D R23 is now exported to Arnold. Currently only polygon objects and instances are supported. Arnold shaders can be assigned to objects, but it's not possible to create any Arnold specific nodes in Neutron at the moment. (c4dtoa#1687)

For more information go to visit Arnold Renderer Website.

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