5 Quick Tips For Realistic Renders

June 06, 2018 12:13 PM

5 Quick Tips For Realistic Renders

Focus on the Small Details

The small details can add realism to your images, the more details you have, the more realistic appearance. Especially when you work with real life details, your rendered images. You can add some light mess so you can give the appearance of a real photo, like a cup of coffee, a furry carpet, or a plied blanket etc.

Tweak the Lighting Settings

It is crucial to work with lighting to give the effect of dark and light Shadows and to create the realism effect that any light can give us in the real life. A combination of the sun coming from the opening we have and the light we provide inside the room even if we will add some hidden light in the hidden corner or in the back of the camera to give some illumination for the dark spots in the scene. Save time by caching your lighting before uploading. Also, you can prevent any flickering issues by using pre cached files. Please review our manuals on how to reuse cache files.

How to Reuse 3dsmax Cache File Settings

How to Reuse Maya Cache File Settings

How to Reuse C4D Cache File Settings

Play with the Reflections

There are several objects that you can add reflections, for example mirrors, glasses, water, etc. All these elements can give us more realistic aspect in our photo especially when reflection is well studied so it can provide more depth in the image so you give the sense of a deeper and larger scene that is not covered by the camera. The reflections can also increase the render times by quite a bit. Test as much as possible before uploading your files. Also, test the scenes on our system before submitting final renders. Once the tests are done, you can use our cost estimator. View Example

Choosing the Right Textures

It is very important to know what texture to use and where it is very easy to Google the texture we need and you will find alot of them but which one to chose. Simply try to choose the widest one and the one we can call it seamless edges texture so you will not have a gap when the textures work together. You will not be able to find always the texture you need so you might work with the image editing software to create your own seamless texture and this will be discussed in an article later. The wider the texture is you will get a much more realistic. We don’t support textures that use accentuated/non-alpha numeric characters, apostrophes and foreign characters in the file names of your project (scene, textures, objects, output bitmaps etc.). You can use the “_” underscore instead. Our farm runs on windows, so there are times when certain textures that will load fine on a Mac but wont load on Windows. When that occurs we recommend the converting the files to jpg’s or png’s.

Editing the Final Images for a Realistic Feel

After saving your image it is essential to work on some area of the scene |to add some dramatic shadow or to correct some texture repetitions that can lead to fake images, so we have to take the image to an editing software and here we recommend the Photoshop due to its variety and to the easy tools that the software provide for us.